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Gbemi Christopher is Nigeria’s foremost Teacher of the Spiritual World. He is a Teacher, and adept of the supernatural course of existence. Gbemi Christopher’s core purpose is to teach the world about the manifested presence of the Holy Spirit and bring mortals into oneness and cognizance of the unseen world teaching them to live thereby and take advantage of it’s substantiality in the physical world (cosmos). He is the author of so many books, and several best sellers such as Frequency Of God, Who is Man amongst others. He organizes various spiritual retreats and gatherings to help humans evolve in their earth walk. He is a regular host on several radio and T.v stations in Nigeria and around the world. He is a popular host on his own radio and internet T.v Spiritual Series, ‘ Love n Life’ and the widely broadcasted program ‘AWAKE’. 

Feedback & Reviews

Gbemi Christopher is by far the most Inspiring Teacher of The inner Life. He touches your inner self. You would want to just Listen.

Your Messages are so inspiring, I’m forever grateful you share with us.


C.E.O Reggys World

Gbemi Christopher’s message got me awake in my life, Now I know the difference between living and existing. Greatest Teacher of all time.


C.E.O Hizoj

Thank you for always sharing this message to align me with my path. Your messages found me. I now know who I am.


Producer and Sound Engineer

What Can I Do for You?

If you chat us on the WhatsApp icon below or fill the form, we will be able to assist you find your path in life and sync you harmoniously with your higher self. Ac Now!

I’m a teacher of the spirit.

I teach the Spirit. 

I am not a pastor. I am a Seer.

I started out as a crusader, but now having found my true purpose of existence after an encounter with divine essence sometimes in 2002. I am now committed to the course to awake you from your slumber and give your life that true meaning it yearns.

I can help you find your path in Life.

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